Shredder machines are often used in the plastic recycling process to break down used plastic products and materials into small pieces. This is typically the first step in the recycling process, as the small pieces of plastic are easier to handle and can be more efficiently melted and reshaped into new products.

In addition to making it easier to handle the plastic materials, shredding also helps to remove contaminants and impurities that may be present in the used plastic. This can improve the quality of recycled plastic and make it more suitable for use in the production of new products. Using recycled plastic in the manufacturing process can help to reduce the overall environmental impact of producing new products, as it requires less energy and resources to process recycled plastic compared to producing new plastic from raw materials.

All in all, shredder machines play an important role in the plastic recycling process by breaking down used plastic materials into smaller pieces and helping to remove contaminants and impurities. This helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recycling process.

Shredders Specifications

Shredder V3



Shredder box Material

Stainless Steel 304

 Mild Steel EN 8

Mild Steel EN 8

Blade size

100 mm

200 mm

380 mm

Motor (ABB, Crompton)

2 HP

5 HP

15 HP

Power Load

1.5 Kw

3.7 Kw

12 Kw

Power Supply

Single Phase/ Three
Phase 220V

Three Phase 220V

Three Phase 220V


8-10 Kg per hour

50-80 Kg per hour

100-120 Kg per hour

Output flakes size

8-10 mm

10-12 mm

12-14 mm


70 RPM

570 RPM

400 RPM

Benefits of Plastic Shredders

  • Eco-friendly, easy to use, and operate
  • Plastic shredders and crushers from The Carbon Fusion ensure top-notch performance and are very durable.
  • Companies that sell shredded plastic as raw materials can generate revenue.
  • Plastic shredders can be useful for protecting confidential information, it allows the shredding of documents, CDs, etc.
  • Shredded waste is much easier to manage or reuse.
  • It turns plastic waste into reusable materials.