Plastic Recycling Machines that Propels a Sustainable FutureNot only does The Carbon Fusion vouch for a plastic-free environment but also strives towards solving issues by developing plastic recycling machines. This allows you to recycle, reuse and reduce plastic waste and keep the surroundings clean. Some of the major highlights that we deliver to plastic recycling businesses around the globe are sheet press systems, extruders, shredders, and injection system.

Injection System

An injection molding machine (aka injection press), is a recycling machine for manufacturing plastic products using plastic waste with the help of the injection molding process

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Before you start making plastic sheets, it is important to get the plastic waste shredded into minute particles. That’s where Carbon Fusion’s Shredder comes in handy. It cuts small as well as large plastic items into smaller pieces.

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An extruder is a machine that is commonly used in the plastic recycling process to melt and reshape plastic materials. It works by heating plastic materials to a high temperature, causing them to soften and become pliable.

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Sheet Press System

As one of the leading Sheet Press Machine manufacturers in India, we aim to deliver high-quality recycling machines that can curb the impact of plastic on nature. The Sheetpress presses the shredded plastic into recycled sheets with the help of a hydraulic press

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